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Good Morning and welcome to the Brufton Group website. We provide all the help and support to get your website created and hosted. We offer website design and hosting services that can be supplied together so that you only need one point of call.

We're a freelance company based in Ashford (Kent) created in March 2004. We provide a variety of online services including website design and hosting. Websites have the potential to be more than just pretty pictures and information about your company or organisation; they can be the front of your services and help create a better interaction with your clients.

The other advantage with websites is that they can work for you as well. We've created websites that, linked up with databases, provide an online system to manage your company remotely. From the simple task of sending emails directly from your website to more advanced functions such as resource management.

Latest News

05/01/2012: The Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service has it's own internal members site to manage their staff and activites, including daily emails and text messages sent out reminding staff of upcoming radio shows or training courses. View more information about the Radio Operations System.

23/02/2011: We've just completed changing our website hosting server to ensure we continue to deliver our service whilst expanding our operations.

01/02/2011: We're delighted to be consulting with the Highways Agency in order to provide them with a web-based system to provide stakeholders with current road conditions.

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We can design and build your website based on your requirements and then help you get your website online. We've been designing sites since 2003 and have changed the way we work as new technologies and methods have evolved.
Websites can also include an online system to manage your company remotely.
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Website hosting that allow you to host your site (including emails). Give your company that professional image it deserves from only £10 a year with our basic hosting package.
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Websites created for all your needs, with online database management to turn them into software for your requirements


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